Often asked: How To Cook Manathakkali Keerai?

How to use manathakkali?


  1. Pressure cook the rice. Keep aside.
  2. Temper the curry leaves, urad dal and mustard seeds. Then add the onions/shallots, asafoetida, ginger and the coconut and fry. Add the cashew nuts and then the manathakkali.
  3. Add in the rice to the mixture and stir fry. Serve with a veg kurma or avial.

Can we eat Manathakkali Keerai?

The tamil name is Manathakkali keerai. The small dark fruit which the plant bears is really good to taste and has immense medicinal value. Gravies and vathals are made with the unripe fruits but it is the ripe fruits which are very tasty to eat.

How to pluck manathakkali keerai?

Pluck the leaves of manathakkali keerai and put it in a big broad vessel. Add lots of water to the bowl and soak the leaves and leave it for 10 minutes. The sand particles gets settled in the bottom of the vessel. Slowly and gently remove the leaves that are floating at the top without stirring the water.

What is Manathakkali Keerai in English?

Manathakkali keerai or black nightshade in English is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.

Is black nightshade poisonous?

Black nightshade is UNSAFE to take by mouth. It contains a toxic chemical called solanin. At lower doses, it can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and other side effects. At higher doses, it can cause severe poisoning.

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Is manathakkali good for pregnancy?

Manathakkali keerai recipes taken during pregnancy improves digestion and reduces the vomiting sensation. Manathakkali keerai has high nutritional value, plenty of vitamins and minerals and is very safe to be taken during pregnancy. People in rural areas use manathakkali keerai for ulcer problem.

Is Manathakkali bitter?

Manathakkali keerai is very good for the treatment of mouth and stomach ulcer. If you are having heat body, this keerai will reduce the body heat. It also helps in digestion of food. Manathakkali keerai will be little bitter in taste.

Is Manathakkali Keerai good for ulcer?

Manathakkali keerai is traditionally and popularly used for treating stomach and mouth ulcers. If you are suffering from ulcers or stomach burn look no further and reach out for manathakkali, because nothing can treat ulcers like manathakkali.

What is the scientific name of black nightshade?

nightshade. Species. Solanum nigrum L. – deadly nightshade, garden nightshade, black nightshade.

What is Kashi Soppu called in English?

Ganika Patram is known as Kasi Soppu in Kannada, Makoi in Hindi, and Manathakali in Tamil. Botanical name is Solanum nigrum and belong to Solanaceae family. Other English common names are European black nightshade, Hound’s berry, Petty morel, Wonder berry, Small-fruited black nightshade.

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