How Many Carbs In Ball Park Beef Franks?

  1. The following are the nutritional values per serving: 180 calories, 140 calories from fat, total fat 15 grams (23 percent of the daily value), saturated fat 6 grams (30 percent of the daily value), trans fat 1 gramme, cholesterol 30 milligrams (10 percent of the daily value), sodium 510 milligrams (21 percent of the daily value), potassium 280 milligrams (8 percent of the daily value), total carbohydrates 4 grams (1 percent of the daily value), fiber 0 grams, sugars 1 grams, protein 6 grams

How many carbs are in Ball Park franks?

  1. Amount per serving: 130 calories, 100 calories from fat, total fat 11 grams (17 percent of DV), saturated fat 4 grams (20 percent DV), trans fat 0 grams, cholesterol 45 milligrams (15 percent DV), sodium 480 milligrams (20 percent DV), total carbohydrates 2 grams (1 percent DV), fiber 0 grams, sugar 1 grams, protein 5 grams, vitamin A zero percent, vitamin C zero percent, calcium four percent, iron four percent.
  2. Serving size: 1 Frank (53 grams), Amount per

How many carbs are in a bar of hot dogs?

Bar S Classic Franks

Total Fat 9g 14%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 40mg 13%
Sodium 430mg 18%
Total Carbohydrate 3g 1%
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How many carbs are in a beef frankfurter?

In one frankfurter (5 inches long by 3/4 inch dia, 10 per pound), there are 11.8 grams of total carbohydrates, 11.8 grams of net carbs, 13.3 grams of fat (5.1 grams of protein), and 149 calories. Frankfurter (beef) is a type of sausage that is made with ground beef.

How many carbs are in a jumbo beef hot dog?

Calculator for the cost per serving

Nutrition Facts
Sodium: 770 mg 32%
Potassium: 140 mg 4%
Total Carbohydrates: 3 g 1%
Dietary Fiber: 0 g 0%

Are Ball Park Beef franks healthy?

Ball Park Franks are the most salt-, calorie-, and fat-dense item on the menu, including 550 milligrams of sodium, 190 calories, 16 grams of fat (7 grams of saturated fat), and 9 grams of protein. On top of that, the animals are treated with chemicals known to cause cancer and other health problems, such as nitrogen oxides, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

Are Ball Park Franks fully cooked?

Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs are produced with 100 percent beef and are not cured in any way. Due to the fact that the Ball Park all-beef hot dogs are completely cooked, lunch and dinner may be quick and uncomplicated. Ball Park hot dogs may be heated and served either indoors or on the grill for a quick and crowd-pleasing lunch.

What is in Bar S Hot Dogs?

Mechanically separated chicken, water, pork, dextrose, modified corn starch, salt, and spices are among the ingredients. Contains less than 2 percent of the following ingredients: Beans (beef, corn syrup), flavorings, Sodium Phosphates, Potassium Lactate, Potassium Acetate, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Erythrobate, Paprika (oleoresin of), Sodium Nitrite, Smoke Flavoring

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How many calories are in a great value hot dog bun?

It takes 39 grams (or 1 bun) of Great Value Hot Dog Buns to burn off 100 calories.

Are Hebrew National hot dogs fully cooked?

Completely prepared. Heating Directions: Saucepan: Place the franks in a pot of boiling water, cover, and turn off the heat. Allow for 7-8 minutes of resting time.

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